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Earthing Transformer Software

In June 2016, we have offered our software which is for Earthing Transformers to the market and our first implementation is done.
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Grup PERYOD has entered into TURQUALITY Consultant List from 2. Group, Management Consultancy Sector

Grup PERYOD has entered into TURQUALITY Consultant List from 2. Group, Management Consultancy Sector
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Group PERYOD advises local and foreign corporate managers

The Istanbul-based group provides a wide range of integrated management consultancy services for companies in Turkey.
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Migrating experience & know-how to the new age of technology

We are migrating your “Old Software” into the New Operating Systems immaculately,
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We provide consultancy to Turkish Firms willing to make investments in Duisburg – IHZ.

Duisburg, which is considered as the center of industrialisation in Europe, is waiting for the firms willing to establish a marketing and distribution web targeting Western Europe, produce, open representative offices and showrooms in Germany. Within this meaning, an International Trade Center (IHZ) was put into operation by the European funds and local governments and institutions last year in November and it started providing consultancy services for investors.
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EU’s Economic Development In Anatolia Programme, for which we were elected the Project Coordinator, is drawing closer to the end.

We are acting as project coordinators in such issues as Sales and Marketing, Quality Management System and Strategic Business Planning in the Kahramanmaras section of the project numbered 2002.2495.6-001.00 called Economic Development in Anatolia, which started on 18 July 2005 and which was executed within the framework of the European Union adaptation process.
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Warm French and Polish Interest in the software we prepared for Areva T&D Energy Industry company!

An overloading programme has been put into service in Areva T&D A.Þ. Distribution transformators department, thanks to the calculation programme designed for use in middle power transformators.
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